Based in Wisconsin, Torke Coffee Roasting Company hasAaron Guenther, Torke Coffee Roasters been building relationships with customers in the Midwest since 1941.  For over 70 years, they have been offering complete coffee solutions that consist of high-quality coffee and unprecedented levels of customer service.  Adding to the tradition of offering a complete solution, a big part of their business today is providing brewing equipment to hospitality customers.

"At Torke, we control as much as possible for our clients to eliminate the variables of improper grinding and brewing", Aaron R. Guenther, Vice President of Sales at Torke Roasting Company, states.  "There are more than enough ways to ruin a cup of coffee: from the quality of the green bean itself, tainting throughout transportation, roasting, and especially grinding and brewing".

"We offer complete equipment packages side-by-side with our partners at FETCO, and this makes the customer experience that much better" - Aaron Guenther, Torke Coffee

FETCO has become a favorite of Torke's, especially in the larger brewing format of 1.5 gallons and up.  "I love that the machines are made just outside of Chicago and that FETCO's manufacturing process is vertically integrated".

In addition to Torke's favored opinion of FETCO coffee brewers, their customers feel similarly regarding the thermal dispensers.  "[Our] customers enjoy the digital reader of the LUXUS(R) L3D-15 which aides in quality control, with time and volume measurements.  The automatic reader is clear, consistent and is a value-added service we can provide to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other key foodservice accounts".

At Torke, they provide a complete equipment package which includes training, service, maintenance, along with parts and repair.  "Side by side with our partners at FETCO, this makes the customer experience that much better".