Detour Coffee Roasters opened its roasting doors in 2009 with one simple guiding principle - roast the best coffees, the best they can. Remaining dedicated to their quality-driven approach, the Detour Café was established the following year in the downtown area of Dundas.

Detour Coffee has been using FETCO®’s Extractor Series brewers for a few years now at both their roastery and café, but not without doing their research first. “From our research, this was the brewer that could deliver what we were asking from a batch brewer. It was a bonus that FETCO® products were well respected for their quality”, Geoff Woodley, Detour Coffee Roasters’ Green Buyer, states. Many of their customers currently use FETCO brewers as well.

The ability to control all the variables that help produce great-tasting coffee was an attribute that really appealed to Detour Coffee Roasters. “The brewer has allowed us to control all of the variables we were controlling in a pour-over (from temperature to bloom to the rate we added water) but in a repeatable, easy-to-use, and large-scale format…we love producing better-tasting coffee easier, more consistently, and in larger volumes”.

Additionally, when brewing diverse coffee roasts, the Extractor brewer allows them to “dial in a coffee with different brew volumes, temperatures, etc. and repeat it, time and time again.”

The reduced footprint is an added advantage.

Geoff adds that the FETCO Extractor Series brewer has helped improve their profitability and create happy customers by allowing them to “reduce the staff necessary to produce great coffee. Spending less time brewing lets our staff focus more on the product and the customer”.

Overall, Detour Coffee Roasters is pleased with their FETCO brewers; “The coffee tastes better because they’re consistently brewed and the customer doesn’t have to wait for a new cup to be prepared – that’s a huge win-win.”