Metropolis Coffee Company operates a bustling café on Chicago’s far North side, but its primary business is servicing several hundred bakeries, cafés, restaurants, hotels and offices with freshly roasted beans and quality brewing equipment. 

The business has been a FETCO® customer since day one, utilizing Extractor® Series 2052 Brewers and LUXUS Thermal Dispensers. “They were the brewers that seemed to be the most highly used and I started poking around and asking why,” says Tony.  “I found out a lot of specific information about FETCO brewers and learned what they were doing with the Extractor and Pulse Brewing technology.”

“I discovered that I could get the quality I wanted in my coffee brewing with FETCO products.”

With the overriding goal of selling and serving top-quality, cutting-edge specialty coffee, Dreyfuss says FETCO delivers on several fronts: “Their products are designed for the type of coffee that we want to sell, the programming is terrific and the equipment is reliable. Plus, ordering parts is fast and easy and they’ve been great to work with on the customer support side. They produce a consistently great cup of coffee; they make good stuff and they stand by what they make.”
Trust, quality and reliability are extremely important to Metropolis Coffee’s ability to maintain a customer base and to have its products look great in their locations, he adds. “It’s really important that we’re producing the best coffee at our wholesale customers’ places and at our own café. We trust FETCO to produce quality products that allow us to do that.”