Consistently voted among the top cruise lines in the world, Celebrity Cruises signed on with FETCO in 2008 for its coffee brewing and serving equipment needs and the relationship has been smooth sailing ever since, according to Scott Steenrod, Corporate Director of Food & Beverage. Each of Celebrity’s 10 ships now relies on a variety of FETCO drip coffee makers and portable thermoses.
Reliability, Steenrod says, was a primary factor in the decision to switch to FETCO. “FETCO’s reputation spoke for itself. Their products are used in a lot of high-volume operations throughout the industry,” he notes. “We’re very high volume and our ships might not see land for a week or more at a time, so if we have a machine that goes out it’s a real problem. The FETCO units are very reliable and easy to maintain.”

“They’ve also proven to be exceptionally easy to use,”  he adds. “The easier the machines are to use, the quicker we can train our people and ensure that they’re prepared to deliver a great guest experience.”

The fact that FETCO has kept the technology so simple and easy-to-use has led to much greater reliability –particularly in such a high-volume environment.”

The FETCO solution has been a cost-effective one for Celebrity Cruises, as well. It starts with reliability, which saves the company on maintenance costs, Steenrod says, but extends to reduce product loss, as well. “The FETCO system holds the product as long as we need it held. In the past, we used hoppers and there was a significant amount of product loss. That’s no longer the case.”

Such collaboration has defined Celebrity Cruise’s relationship with FETCO from the beginning, Steenrod says. “FETCO is easy to do business with. They’re interested in what our challenges are and take a very consultative approach, trying to understand exactly what our needs are on a venue-to-venue basis and deliver solutions. We built a very trusting relationship very quickly and it has made a big difference for us.”