After a trip to Italy to study the art of coffee making, Keith Herbert returned to Colorado with a new appreciation for espresso and was inspired to make a living making coffee.  Born out of a stainless steel cart in Snowmass Village, Colorado on a cold winter morning in 1994, ink! Coffee has been brewing and serving exceptional coffee to people who really care about it for more than two decades.Herbie from ink! Coffee

“Great coffee means great business”, Keith Herbert, ink! Coffee’s founder, states.  “We were founded in 1994 and started using a 1.5 gallon FETCO brewer in 1995.  We haven’t looked back since!  The deep extraction and consistency produces a taste profile people have loved for over 20 years here at ink! Coffee”. 

FETCO is the equipment of choice for ink!  “We only buy the best and FETCO brews the best cup.”  Currently using the CBS-2132XTS almost exclusively Keith says that they found that the XTS™ series “answer[s] the ‘how-to brew great coffee’ for all size accounts and [their] 16 stores”.  They also serve a lot of Americanos and have different kinds of tea and the HWD-2105TOD Hot Water Tower “can handle the volume”! 

In addition to handling the volume ink! needs, FETCO equipment is a barista and tech favorite!  The baristas love how easy the equipment is to use, and the techs love how easy it is to fix.  Ownership not only loves the programmability of the brewers, but also the recoverability, waste savings, and ultimately the increased margins!  ink! Coffee can brew smaller batch sizes as a result of equipment recoverability, which allows them to brew often and quickly to keep each batch of coffee fresh.  “Less waste leads to increased margins…batch brewing to order has cut our waste by 20%”.